Many people want to improve the texture of their skin to reduce the signs of ageing, scars or blemishes. Chemical peels can help to restore a younger, fresher appearance by removing a layer of skin with a chemical preparation. As the skin grows back, it is smoother than before and imperfections are reduced.

There are various types of chemical peel - superficial, medium and deep - and they achieve different results. Superficial peels are easy to apply and the time needed for healing is minimal, but they won't achieve long lasting or dramatic results. Medium peels can achieve more dramatic and long lasting results for blemishes, fine lines and facial scarring. A deep peel will help reduce more severe facial wrinkles.

The selected peel will be applied to your face for an appropriate amount of time and then it will be removed.

The recovery time depends on the type of peel you've had. It can take a couple of weeks before you can resume normal activities after a medium or deep peel and even after this time your skin may still be quite red.

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