One of the most traumatic cases which needs the help of a surgeon like Mr Beigi is when a patient has a tumour growing on the eyelid, inside or behind the eye ball. Since coming to Norwich he has dealt with hundreds of them.Tumours on the eyelids are like cancers of the skin such as melanomas or rodent ulcers. More rarely we can also come across cancers on the bases of the eyelashes. These tumours can present themselves like an on going lump or chronic red eye, which never heal up.

In such cases we can remove substantial part or all of the eyelid and then reconstruct it layer by layer with a very satisfactory cosmetic result. If the tumour is located inside, the eyeball is removed and an implant inserted in its place so that the patient will only need a small cosmetic shell rather than a glass eye. The cosmetic result is excellent. If the tumour is found in the bony orbit behind the eye one can reach them by removing the bone around the eye and plating it back in place at the end of the operation. Many of them can be treated successfully.

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